Sunday, October 9, 2011

a little hike and a nap.

when you live in my home,
a staycation is pretty much impossible.
there is always a furry friend that needs something,
a floor to mop,
a countertop to clean,
an errand to run,
clothes to put up, and dishes to wash.
never mind those BIG. house. projects.

even though we took Friday-Monday off together,
we haven't really put the "cation" in "staycation."
we have managed a couple of long naps. (nice!)

today, we went on a hike with two of the doggies.
it was nice, they LOVED it.
we enjoyed it.

and we realized,
that next time,
if we want to feel like we are escaping on a staycation,
the hike needs to be
without the doggies,
in spite of how fun they are.  

i did get a pedi, though, today.
totally worth it.  doing a pedi for my feet is like putting lipstick on a pig.
but even piggies like lipstick, right?

tomorrow is more errand running.
please pray for my daisy, my firstborn sweetie dog.
her mouth (lips?) are swollen, and scabby from scratching--I just discovered this after her grooming yesterday.  she is a month shy of 14.
she hasn't shown she is in pain, has been spicy and happy, and stealing the puppies crunch and growling at her....
but if my lips looked like hers, I would have scabby cold sores all around my smile lines.

poor baby, I can't believe I didn't see this.

this evening,
we are watching football,
blogging, surfing...
gonna jump in the hottube,
and just relax.

as we should.

xoxoxo love to all.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

how did this happen?

When did we get five SIX (really???) days into October already????


I am so behind in my work-a-strivia-stuff.  Yew.  

I am taking the weekend off.
I am bone-tired in so many ways, and I need a break.  

I had an interesting conversation last night.  Hmm, much to ponder and pray for.  It did, at least, give me some perspective.  And questions...and I need to remind myself not to be lured into magical thinking (in a bad way, not the good way).....I also need to remind myself not to be skeptical--because yes, it is that easy to be these days. 

Maybe I need to go laugh with God in a boat  and let go.

Wish I could have a milky way latte about now  because I am sure it would be lovely and sinful.....
but it's too far away.

Instead, I will become my own desk fairy, and straighten things up.
Take good care of thy-selves dear ones!