Saturday, June 15, 2013

the end of an era....

Callie, 16 plus years, Jewelry Queen

Daisy, 15 1/2 years, Drama Dog

So, what a sad day at our house....
We had made an appointment with our vet to have her come and humanely euthanize Callie cat, as she was experiencing neurological stuff, plus doing circles all the time, and basically not eating.   She had shrunk to less than 5 pounds, and wore a perpetual knitted brow as if in pain.   

Daisy dog, although still eating and doing all those things, was also in decline, and the past few days more so than ever, culminating in last night and this morning, just wandering and staring into the distance, not settling down and whining.  A lot.  

Callie went quickly, and died in Beloved's arms.   

Then we exchanged looks.  Talked to the vet.  She looked at Daisy, and said "I agree."  

So I held Daisy in my arms, and let her go.  

These two were quite the divas in our household.   

Callie, the last Kentucky cat.  Ferocious hunter.   Brought home the Easter Bunny two years in a row, dead.  She was incredibly curious, and we had to make sure we knew where she was before any workpersons left our house who had an open van out front of the house.   She loved to play in the jewelry box.   She gave one last pop on the head to our youngest cat, Sophie, this morning, whom she felt she needed to discipline.  

And Daisy was my baby.   I got her my first year in seminary, and I would have NEVER made it through Hebrew with out her, and Yeong Mee, the tutor.   She loved peanut butter, hated being left alone.  Right from the start, she snuggled up to me in bed.   Other people loved her too, and often my friends would "borrow" her for the day.   Always serious, she was incredibly easy to tease.  Up to the last day, in fact.   She was just all that.  

She went home with me on breaks--to North Dakota and Florida.  She was welcomed along with me to my first call in North Carolina.   She hated the snow if it got caked up in her paw pads.  She had a best buddy, Tikky, in seminary, who later came to live with us when Yeong Mee moved back to Korea.  

She was smart.   Silly.  Earnest.   Dear.  

What a great friend you were, dear Daisy Dog.   
Thank you for the gift of your life, and for sharing the journey with me.