Friday, February 20, 2015

A Sunday Prayer, on Being Called...

Oh God…
You call us, 
and some of us immediately get it,
because we are smacked up the side of our hearts
with your glory*, 
and the only response is to drop everything
and go with you, 
even though we don’t know or care about the details….
most of us
think You are crazy
although we are are so drawn to your love.

We are the ones who take baby steps, 
fall down, 
get up, 
and toddle again towards your grace
and your invitation
to accompany you.
So we wander,
we wonder,
we walk,
and hope that being by Your side,
we reflect and share your love and hope
with the corners of the world in which we live.

We tentatively drop our nets, 
and serve the people and the world 
which you love so much. 
Oh sweet Lord,
we pray, 
we pray so much for that which you love,
for those whom you love--especially 
the places in our world where people are suffering from war, political violence, from what we don’t know except it’s unspeakable.

We offer our prayers
for those we know 
who suffer from grief, loss, illness…
desolation of heart,
or uncertain futures. 
We pray, for our earthhome, 
who cries out everyday for your justice, and our care. 

Oh God,
You call us. 
We wonder, 
We wander, 
We stumble,
We drop our nets, 
We cling to them, 
We are flooded with your glory, 
and in our disarray,
We want to follow you. 
We have decided,
to follow you. 

                                       *Barbara Brown Taylor phrase

A Prayer for Transfiguration

Holy One,
We come before you,
Many of us feeling like we have climbed just a part of the mountain,
and there is so much more of a climb left to even get to point to dream that we might be dazzled by what is Divine.
Our loads are heavy,
with worry, with regret,
with fatigue, with illness,
with despair for all in the world that is hurting, in danger,  in bondage and more.
We trudge ahead, following you,
stumbling, hoping, praying…
breathing hard, hearts pounding, and yes,
even some of us are nimble and skipping.
Lead us Lord,
to the top of that mountain,
where we might be dazzled by your Light,
lifted by what is Divine,
filled by the sheer delight of what is numinous and ethereal and grounded and real.
We pray this,
for ourselves, for one another, and for the worlds in which we live in.
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