Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rescue Me

I have been working this past week on a tricky animal rescue.

One low-income, kinda whacked out but kind hearted owner, but unpredictable.
Two dogs, one pit bull, one boxer-pit mix.
9 puppies.

When they were discovered, the puppies were only four weeks old, except there were only six puppies.  You see, he had sold three of them already.  WTHeck?  The pit bull (male) was lethargic and limping.  The momma was kept separated from the puppies, only to nurse at certain times.

I took the poppa to the vet, which turned out to be good as he had lyme disease, but it's treatable.  Yesterday, I took Boo Boo (poppa) to the ASPCA to be neutered.   When I returned  Boo Boo home, I went in to check on the puppies, now maybe five weeks-six weeks.  He, the owner, has weaned them off momma, and feeding them crunchy food, which is not all and good, as the puppies are so hungry.  I could feel their ribs.

So here is the rub.  The animal officers at the ASPCA threatened to take the pups, but called our organization with the threat.  We have been trying to get the puppies and the momma, but he won't give us the momma, and we didn't feel good about pulling them at so young.  Of course, has the Big Organization with A Lot of Money offered to help us with this besides threats?   Hmmm. Not so much.

We are going to get them tomorrow morning under the guise of getting them all checked out for lyme disease.  All I can do is pray for those little guys and know that at least, at least they are getting some food, right?

My heart aches for these helpless ones--the feral cats my beloved traps to be neutered and released, these puppies....they are little magnets on my heart and won't let go.

And then there is the owner, who I know really thinks he is doing the right thing, and can't be swayed otherwise, but loves his dogs.  He doesn't care for them the way I do, and yet, he doesn't have the means that I do.

This animal ministry, it's hard.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

just a few words, here, because really....

... my writing time is so limited.
I guess I limit it myself,
by what I think I should be doing,
with whom I should be connecting,
how I might be presenting.

here is another interruption. 

but it is good to check in.