Thursday, August 2, 2012

a lovely thought.

I had an impromtu lunch with a colleague who about an hour ago announced his resignation from the organization he leads, to take on a really cool brand new position at a local university.   We were talking, and then decided to share lunch together to catch up.

We were talking about transitions, and narrow places, mitzrayim in Hebrew.  Mitzrayim was Egypt--a narrow place for the Israelites, and God lead them out of the mitzrayim into the promised land. 

He spoke of his prayers the past few weeks as he was discerning his decision, and he said his prayer was, "Open the way."   I love that.  Not, "Show me the way"  or "Reveal the Way", but "Open the Way."

I am not necessarily in a narrow place, except perhaps in my heart-soul.
So my prayer today and for many days is:
"God, open the way.  Open the way."