Thursday, December 13, 2012

just some randomness...

such as:

It's beautiful today in Boston--40 ish, clear blue skies....but it is December. Shouldn't it be cold?

Finding gifts for elderly parents is hard.   Really hard. 

I am going to learn to micro-macrame bracelets and necklaces with pottery beads that I make.  Wish me luck. 

Yesterday, I was full of angst around professional matters.   Even though some kind of change is imminent (sp?) I decided that I just have to GO for it in this next round, and see what happens.   So, I am all. in.  No ambivalence.  (At least in this current hour, heh heh!)

I am on a Greek Salad for lunch everyday thing.   Too bad feta cheese isn't vegan.   Oh well.

I lost the keys to my car, and never found them.  This never happens.  I always lose things, and then find them.

One of my committees at church gave me a beautiful mug for the holidays.  It is by far my favorite mug in the world, and the colors are brown, turquoise, red, and gold.   If I had it handy, I would take a picture.  

What fun stuff do you have planned for the holidays, besides maybe some down time in pajamas all day?

I have a gajillion things I ought to be doing, but am not.

Tuesday, I had a "last lunch" with one of my dear friends who is getting married and moving far away.  It is such a joyful time, yet I am going to miss our rendesvous (spelling.)  Note:  I did not have a greek salad.  Instead, portobello mushroom swiss panini.  And a skinny peppermint latte for dessert.

My beloved broke three ribs in a bad fall.  I feel so bad for the amount of pain she is experiencing. Wish I could fix it.   Percoset helps, though.

How ever on earth do you keep up with all the filing?

Time for me to do some of that.

Or not.   Maybe I will go and find some  thread to test my micro-macrame idea.  Volunteer gifts, right?

What's up with you?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


In this season of advent, I am focused on my breathing. 
My monkey mind is all a jumpin' all around,
and all that settles it is breathing.  

I vacillate non-anxious, non-attachment one moment,
well, stress, worry, wondering, persiverating on what is out of my control, although I do have input.  I just don't get to know--yet--how the input is perceived. 

I am grateful for the contemplative, quiet breathing moments. 

I want to honor the worried confused part of me that feels like I am at the mercy of other's whims.
I want to hold that part of me, with my non-anxious self, and let her have her feelings......because if this were someone else, that is what I would do.