Wednesday, August 19, 2009

just Wednesday...

as a designer friend says, "I think I need to tart this layout up." Am thinking about this in regards to my new bloggy place. but for just trying to get out of my head a little bit.

-it is 9:00 am Doggies walked. Outside, Venus is barking. I think Venus should have a facebook page. Is that allowed? Can she have a fan page?

-the title of my blog, came from two videos posted by my dear friend Jess. In one, her little girl Kendall is playing with her Backyardigans, and each little friend has an instrument, but the last little friend plays the bongos, which one side is punched through. The little friend (I have no idea of the name of these little creatures) hangs out in the hole. sooooo cute. the second video is here. go ahead. I will wait while you watch all 30 seconds of this. Turn your sound way up. Oh, and if you are the teary type, be warned. This has to be the sweetest sound and video I have ever, ever seen.

--plus, I like that it sounds like Kendall is singing "amazing wrench" or "amazing wench?". Knocks me over.

--so, the blog: two words from the two videos.

--am thinking about the Taste of Heaven this week. Any thoughts?

--I think my last two toes on my right foot are either fractured or very badly sprained. This makes exercizing, let alone walking, a tiny bit painful. Thank god for Motrin.

--I go to North Dakota next week for a week to visit my family. I am looking forward to it, in spite of the mosquitos, which are very plentiful.

--love and peace to you, this day. I am grateful for words and the silence inbetween.


  1. North Dakota sounds like a long way!

  2. lovely reflection, video, et al. Thanks for your prayers.

  3. i believe it's austin who has a penchant for the bongos, but they like to mix it up a bit. ;)

    on behalf of kendall (and austin), i'm honored.

    oh, and for the record, i beleive it is wrench. i never knew the song was about tools until that day :)

  4. I'm sorry about your toes! And I like your new place, here!
    And yes--a very sweet video.
    Have a good trip.