Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine 5!

So today, at REVGALS, for the FF, we are asked to give five Valentines to special beings outside of our families! So, here goes my play:

1.   My first valentine goes to all the small non-profit organizations that work to rehome abandoned animals, advocate for spay/neuter, and do TNR (trap, neuter, release for feral cats).   I especially want to give this valentine to Kitty Connection   and  Broken Tail Rescue  because I have volunteered with both, and know that these all volunteer orgs operate totally on donations and volunteers' personal offerings.

2.  My second valentine goes to Jess Wilson and all of her people at Diary of a Mom ---her writing is inspiring, gut-wrenching, hilarious, and honest.  She blogs daily about autism, about her daughters, one with autism, and one who doesn't have autism, about her hubby Luau, their two dogs, and more.
She is amazing--and she writes to amazing people everyday.

3.  My third valentine goes to everyone who works at nursing homes, assisted living communities, and especially those who are aides to elders and those who need a little help.   My step-father is currently in transitional care due to a broken hip/surgery, and isn't strong enough for rehab.  My prayer is that he feels surrounded by care and love, and I hope those working with them are as kind as the professionals I meet monthly when I lead protestant worship at two nursing home facilities.

4.  My fourth valentine goes to my Nurse Practitioner who just rocks.   I just had my annual physical, etc.  and she is so committed to wholistic health care, and she takes time to listen, and we actually laugh a LOT.

5.  My fifth valentine goes to YOU--I just love all of you RevGals, and RGBP lurkers, this blog, the big events...What richness you have added to me personally, as well as in my ministry.


  1. Absolutely yes to those working in care facilities.
    Well, actually yes to all 5!!

  2. wow, this is paweomely and awesomely beautiful, thanks!