Thursday, November 12, 2009

and I thought we were an inclusive bunch....

The church, I mean.
Welcome everyone?

But what happens when the ways in which we invite, greet, welcome completely leave out an entire population of people that socialize in other ways...
Those hugs, those handshakes, that passing of the peace thing?
It can be torture and misery for some...

read this: incipient turvy



  1. yeah...I'm sensitive to those who aren't comfortable hugging, but could be more sensitive to those for whom even a handshake would be too much stimulation...

  2. I read the link with interest and it just gave me a jolt as I hadn't thought too much about sensitivity and touch. Yeah, too much hugging and kissing may not be welcomed by everyone. In East Geelong church, there's always 'passing the peace' and moving around greeting people, but we are a fairly modest lot and it's okay. Though I know at least one woman who is nervous about touching.
    At some parties I am uncomfortable with the way guys expect a hug and a kiss when we meet, Rotary guys especially!

  3. thank you so much for posting this, lady. xoxox