Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday morning...

Such full days these days that I haven't been able to write much. Our congregation is at the beginnings of what I hope is a deep shift in culture and spirit, which is drawing us, again, I hope, along on the journey in unknown names.

We have started a reading/prayer group to study "Unbinding the Gospel", a series that leads congregations deeper into prayer and faith sharing in normal, everyday ways. Congregations that have engaged in this process have experienced some pretty startling transformations--like actually being church instead of doing church!

Along with that, several women have asked for me to lead a women's spirituality group. Twice monthly. We had our first meeting, and it was exactly what it needed to be. I loved it.

In addition, I have gained two new members on my membership/outreach committee that will bring to the table some strategizing that this group needs. They take a little wrangling, but I am happy for their presence.

Lastly, we are embarking on a congregational process to truly deal with being financially responsible, rather than drawing down our assets willy-nilly. I am grateful that there will be small group discussions across the the congregation, instead of immediately slashing the budget because of crisis thinking. It could be that they decide to eliminate my position or cut it in half or something--or not--but it will be a considered decision, and NOT something decided by a budget committee. This, I think, is healthy.

And me...I am in a very calm place in my heart. And happy. Indeed, I have questions, and dreams, and wonderings about the future, about my call, but I am very grounded right now--and I feel like I am realistic. I certainly am not hiding with my head in the sand, waiting for something to happen--but my eyes and heart are wide open.

And oh!--back to the surface--we are doing a bathroom remodel. A real one. With a real contractor. With a real plan. No more fly by night cheap-ass big talking one-person shows (I have learned that almost anyone can get a license to be a contractor). Who else gets a bathroom for Christmas???

Am thinking about all of my cyber friends out and peace to you this weekend.


  1. I went to the website for Unbinding....but would love to know more. For example can a church use the series without hiring her consultant team? And, how is the theology? I'd assume, if you like it, that I too would appreciate the theology....glad you are feeling centered and at peace...and busy in such wonderful ways!

  2. Mompriest,
    yes, you can totally do this process without a consultant. We won't have a consultant...and the theology is very broad. Since she studied mainline churches, it fits. It's for mainliners. (sounds a little weird, mainliners). I have had to change up some of the language because my NE progressives don't like a ton of God talk.

  3. I would LOVE a new bathroom for Christmas, or a remodeled one, anyway. Yay for you!

  4. Love and peace and happy Thanksgiving to you. (And if we gave ourselves a new stove and a mattress last Christmas, you can certainly get a new bathroom! Congratulations!)