Tuesday, February 23, 2010

alive and dead

I've been feeling out of sorts the last couple of days. Not out of sorts in an angry way, but just in a general "walking through the fog of my life" way.

My unconscious certainly is affirming this. The other night I had a dream about a dream where I had severed my head from my body. Realizing that if that were true, I would be dead, and I didn't really intend that. So I prayed to be alive, which I was, but I still had my dead body and severed head to bury. First I buried the body. Right next to a sidewalk. Then, someone came along, so I grabbed my head, which was wrapped in a plastic bag. I had to wait for another day to bury the head, but I really wanted the head to be on top of the body, in spite of the severance. So I went back, and the ground was very hard...I scratched and scraped in the dirt, and was able to get a shallow place near the top of the body...I took the head, which now was simply the front of my face, like a mask, and tried to fit it in the spot, and cover it...I was scared to look at my dead face...and then somehow, a gardener came, and I realized the bones of my body had surfaced too, and I wanted to scoop up everything in a trash bag, because I didn't want anyone to discover the dead body and either label me a murderer (which since I was alive, I couldn't be dead) or I was worried my identity would be lost--that the dead body would be me, so then what would happen to the alive me?

I don't think I was able to rescue the bones, but after hiding for awhile, I watched the gardener plant seeds, and by the time it was safe for me to leave, there were beautiful flowing trees growing over my dead bones.

Dang. Jung would have a field day with this one, huh?


  1. That *is* a good one for Jung. Sorry about the change of yesterday's schedule. :-(

  2. i was thinking this would be great to dissect with a shrink and then you mentioned Jung! too funny!