Friday, February 12, 2010

rugged greatness....

I just logged out of an online store, and they have this new thing where you can express checkout with a phrase.

My phrase was all about my rugged greatness.


But still, it sounds kind of cool. First of all, to have something computer generated that affirms my greatness sounds almost biblical. "You are my beloved..."
Maybe it is a message from God--whispering to me to remember whose I am and how much I am loved....

And rugged, well--brings to mind all of the wind-swept, outdoorsy gear from REI or Title Nine...looking great in spite of hiking 20 miles and paddling down the river for a day.

Rugged Greatness.
Meaningless and meaningful all at the same time.


  1. That is totally cool! BUT, it also seems to me that just navigating the rugged terrain of the CHURCH is a journey that forms one in Rugged Greatness...and yes, you are!

  2. i agree with whoever first said that praying for qualities like ruggedness works; and that what we seem to get are those "opportunities" to learn ruggedness.

    i hope learning "ruggedness" isn't as grueling as learning "brokeness"...

    regardless, as one who YOU first got started learning to accept being "beloved," count me among those ready to affirm your "greatness" anyday!

  3. I so like that...reminds me of all the jaggedness...which can become greatness.

  4. awesome...just awesome. both you and rugged greatness!