Tuesday, February 1, 2011

just for the sake of writing

and getting some words out of me.
random words.

this crisis in Egypt.  I have read a lot about it.  I don't really get it, but I do get that people are hungry and want a better life--a huge gap between rich and poor.  I know there is more to it.  still confused.  but pray about it.

am horrified by the mom in tampa that killed her teenagers.

am horrified by the mom in alaska who punished her child with hot sauce and cold showers.  I know parenting is extremely difficult--and parenting adopted children has its own set of extreme challenges.
but forcing a child to drink hot sauce and then put him in a icy shower--for lying?   this I cannot fathom as a good idea for discipline.  I just can't.  sorry.

my little cooper dog (who is not so little any more) is the cutest ever. she howls at fire engines, ambulances, and police cars.

am pretty sure Mitt Romney will run for President.  even though he is being cagey about it.  why else would you go on the View?

it's really, really, really snowing outside.
sort of tired of shoveling.

had a very. fun. weekend. in. NYC.  we just walked, ate, shopped (just a tiny bit), and found some great places with craft beer.  I love NYC. adore it.

hey! I gotta Kindle!   I am pretty much gadget-ed maxed out.  iPad, iPhone, and Kindle.  LUV the Kindle.  so frickin' cool!

I haven't been to the studio for a couple of weeks. I miss my clay.

planning our women's retreat for the weekend. the them is Blessing: Giving, Receiving, and Being.
got any good ideas for me?

I love reading blogs.   I love your blogs.

well, guess, I will go and work some more.

see ya!


  1. Blessings, Giving, Receiving, and Being is an awesome theme for a women's retreat. I'd look at images of the incarnation, and what it means to be made in God's image and live that fully. I'd wonder what the "shadow" side of the incarnation is for women - whether that's "male-ness" or "worthiness" or "feeling loved" or what ever they bring up...and then reflect on how male, as we hear it in Genesis, is also dust/human/breath and not just "man" male...and so are our images of God/worthiness/loved.

    I'd include time for sharing stories on the theme and include a group art project - making images of God that reflect Blessing/Giving/Receiving/Being...a group sculpture, a group painting/collage, an Easter basket project? a Lenten banner? an icon?

    Of course this models to some degree the WordsMatter project - if you want to actually use IT to guide the retreat let me know and I'll send it to you...

  2. I'd like to go on that retreat. :-)

  3. I have been remiss in blog-reading since moving. (and I wasn't doing that well beforehand, either). I'm glad I got to catch up on your posts this morning. Hope this weekend's retreat is an amazing experience.