Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Faith and Trust.

Recently I had a dream...
Where I was asked, by a Sage Woman, "Who CAN'T you trust?"
and I started naming all these names until I just started sobbing.
I laid down on the a pile...
The Sage handed me a long piece of wood--sort of the shape of a walking stick, but more like a branch. I hugged it, and then realized the shape of the end of the stick was the form of a wolf puppy.
But she was not breathing.
She was lifeless--
I realized her head was separated from her body.
So I took a piece of thin but beautiful bark, and made a collar out of it, which provided the possibility of attaching her body to her head. It worked.
She slowly roused, unsteady on her feet...

I thought briefly that I wanted her to stay with me...

But the Sage said, "She needs to be roam..and be her wolf-self"

So, I took her outside...and it was in a neighborhood sort of suburban rural...lots of trees, but homes, too.

The wolf puppy still seemed a little disoriented...and was slowly moving through the woods.
I was worried for her safety in this populated area..but the Sage assured me she would be free and wild.

A boy--about 10--came out and started to throw rocks at the wolf puppy...and I ran over to him and told him (ok I yelled at him with all the power I had) to go back inside of his house and that he needed to respect all that is wild and Nature and woods.

He went home.

I turned around,
And the wolf puppy was trotting away...and she turned around for just a few seconds to look at me in the eyes...
As if to say "I am wild. And free. And I will be fine."

And then I awoke, and I felt like I was being held in the arms of the ocean, as the boat (ship) rocked ever so gently in the moments before the sun began to rise.

P.S. What this has to do with the title of the post? I have no idea, but I suspect nothing and everything.


  1. Mother Ocean's embrace is powerful, my friend. I see you ready to run like the little wolf.

  2. I wonder what adventures you will have in all of the wild places you're going to explore.

  3. Oh, and I love the reattaching of the head and body...

  4. powerful dream of loving yourself and trusting your innerself enough to let her go free - all you have to do is attach head to body/heart - need both working together.

    well, that's what I hear in this beautiful dream. I suspect it will speak to you over and over, revealing new insights....