Thursday, March 24, 2011

so today...rambling

This is a post that really ought to be over at since I am not really crafting anything.

I am sitting on my bed, working from home this morning.   I have one snoring poodle at my feet, another poodle sleeping on my knee, devil puppy resting vigilantly on my right, and Lucy cat snuggled up to my iphone at the right.  

The day is snowed last night, but it is tulips, that were just starting shoot up, well, I hope they are o.k.   I don't think there was a hard freeze last night.

And Lent.  We are in Lent.   I do love Lent.  In my congregation we typically have a potluck dinner, and then a discussion series throughout this season.  This season we are exploring "Who is Jesus to me?".   Last night we combined this discussion with the pastor's class with our confirmation class--so it was intergenerational.  Many of the students' mentors were there, which was so great.  

I have to tell you, this particular group of students are incredibly, beautifully, and interestingly delightful!
They are so engaged, and their mentors are, as well.   We had three separate segments, with an ice breaker at the beginning, and prayer at the end.   They were hilarious is describing to each other what they had for breakfast--like they were talking about four course gourmet meals that centered around cheerios and skim milk.   We also looked at images of Jesus in art--which was incredibly powerful.  

It's been a week of weird karma, I think, for some people in my life.   Terminations of employment, Christians not being very christian,  and generally, just all around thoughtlessness in spite of probably thinking thoughtfully, but in only one paradigm. UGH.

For me, on Monday, I finished four planters that I will take to the studio to be bisqued and then I will glaze later.  It felt good to finish them--I actually went downstairs to my home studio to throw, because I haven't done that for a few years, and I want to make some chalices,  but then those wrapped up coil pots started calling to me--I thought they weren't salvageable because I hadn't wrapped them correctly.  I was joyfully wrong, and spent four hours carving flowers and animals and abstract designs.  So, so nourishing.

Lots of other things professionally knocking about in my head and heart, but thankfully, no urgent decisions to be made.  This is good....and so I keep holding things in the light and to God, and ask for Spirit's guidance, and peace.


  1. oh gosh, I loved throwing pots on a wheel...been a long long time since I did that...

    and, how awesome to have that group of students!

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