Wednesday, July 6, 2011


note:  I just embarrassingly posted this at the RGBP place for prayer.  So glad I caught it in the same minute and deleted it.  it is deleted, right?

thought list.

I've been back from vacation for a few days....I led worship/preached on Sunday while jetlagged (in a serious way---I told my congo that if my words slurred it wasn't because I had imbibed in any early morning cocktails, but that it felt like 3 in the morning to my body)....

Then I enjoyed the 4th...and yesterday was the first day back in the office. Caught up on emails, tried to discern the status of a serious pastoral situation, and then around 3:30 headed over to Whole Foods to get a little light lunch which turned into the Devil Food, and not in a good way. (I know, I have mentioned this on Twitter and Facebook, which makes it true.  I am a certifiable Drama Princess.  Not quite queen material yet, but I am working on it.)  Thing is,  I haven't lost my cookies like that since I was a kid.  Oof.

Which is to say,  after feeling like crap for about 18 hours, now I am just left over and don't feel like anything, but know that I need to get a leg up for Sunday worship.

But I have a list of posts to write, or thoughts to explore, so I am going to list them here, so that hopefully when I am all chipper and ready to ponder, I will remember what it was I wanted to think about out loud on the page.
1.  Wiggy--a tribute to my little dog that we needed to put down on Sunday
2. Swimming with dolphins.  and herds of fish and turtles.
3. Aloha spirit, and the spiritual depth of hawaii.
4.  Wild chickens and roosters in Kauai
5.  The meaning of the ecumenical baptism agreement that Synod approved (or whatever).
6.  Personal group emails--this is a good one.
7.  Pastoring sick people in New England.
8.  My parents moving out of their home after living in it for 40 years, and moving to Minnesota after living their whole lives in one town.
9.  My call.  That's ongoing.
10.  sermons and podcasts.
11.  probably other stuff too, but can't remember right now.

I have parked myself at Starbucks for a little while.   After sipping my coffee, wondering if this was a good idea.  Oh well.

What are YOU thinking about?


  1. It was so good to talk to you today! Thanks for posting a prayer. I can't wait to read about your other thoughts.

  2. I've done that before, too...posting a personal post on the RevGals site...or making changes intended for my personal one but the change happens on the RevGals...yeesh! Blogger has a tendency to apply stuff via it's own discernment system. Anyway...sounds like you had a wonderful trip to Hawaii!

  3. Calm down and remember Hawaii - is that where you've been? The world is a beautiful place - despite the mess we've made of it. Best wishes for solving the problems of the world in your corner. We are experiencing abundant grace here, despite immigration stuff-ups for the family. The local Anglican church is like Santa bringing gifts of fresh vegetables, bread, milk onto our doorstop. It is a learning curve for us, as most of our life it's been different.