Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three Days

So...countdown to vacation.
Three days to get everything all together...sometimes it feels like you need to take time off to get ready for vacation!  It doesn't help that we have all these animals--the battle against the hair and hair balls is constant.

My Sunday went well....
I think that my sermon was very good, and the service as a whole was connected and flowed.  We had children singing and cool things from the choir.   My congo loved it.   My visitors--???---I have no idea.  At lunch we had a nice light discussion, and they made favorable comments.  

Yesterday, I worked with my personal trainer, and I had a boxing lesson.  It was GREAT.  Fun...and I am still sore.  I do like having someone to work with me, and I am learning alot.  

I finally got my flowers in yesterday, and planted some tomatoes.  Here's hoping I have better luck than last year.  

Today is a dreary and wet day.  Will we ever have several days of sun?  

Trying to decide what "craft" to take along with me.  Knitting?   Crocheting bracelets?   I always want to have something to do besides reading.

Time to walk doggies.  Then off to Zumba.


  1. Crocheting bracelets sounds like fun!

  2. Have a great time on vacation.

    I had trouble leaving comments and it seems that my email link on my page is not working (not blogger...more than likely something I need to tweak but haven't a clue).

    email me: purplespeaking123atgmaildotcom...would love to visit with you about your inquiry.

  3. I hope you are having a great vacation. Can only imagine the crocheted bracelets...I always take knitting (only this summer I'm going to get a sweater too)...and spend time on ravelry.com--if you haven't been there it is worth a look if you do crochet or knitting--and there are pastor supportive forums though that's not where I'm at yet. ;-)