Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This is the first week all summer in my office that I feel like I have the luxury of time to wade through what is on my desk, file what is in the piles, and dream and wonder--well, after today anyway, since today is checking off the list all the things I should have finished by now but have not. 

I am feeling a bit scattery---not scattered, because that is past tense--really, scattery, like all over the place.
Breathing in....
Breathing out...
it's hard to measure my breath in slow rythmn when I just want to, oh I don't know, get it all done, have it all right, have everything brilliantly into place.

I know, I know, I kid myself with this illusion.

I think I will put the computer to sleep,
straighten up the papers on my desk into a neat pile,
go over to the rocking chair with my breath and
settle in and meditate.  

Lord, hear my prayer...
to focus, to see your vision, to know my vision,
to dream big, and live in the now.


  1. I hope you found the peace you sought.

  2. Much restlessness, interior and exterior, stirring the chaos, working against the desire for order, peace, mindfulness. I hope your efforts brought you some....