Monday, August 29, 2011


Or not.
I had a dream the other night, which was fairly prophetic. 
First, it indicated the restlessness of my soul,
and it revealed the part of my ego that tells me "you haven't earned it, yet".

The other part was about the elevator.
I got into an elevator to go to the 13th floor, where my new apartment was...
and yet, the elevator went beyond the roof of the building to barely touch the bottom of a bridge like structure.   The elevator told me that floor hadn't been developed yet.  

I really needed to get to my room.   So, I went to the old elevator, which instead of going directly up, went on this circuitous path on the ground, like a cable car, winding through construction, taking forever until it stopped at another elevator that promised to take me to my room.  

The impression that I am left with is that there is no direct route, although that would make sense.   This is a circuitous journey  through construction I am on.....and it doesn't make sense or is even logical.  It just is. 

I am restless.
I am impatient on this journey. 
It is confusing and challenge and burgeoning with Question.
So much to think about in this dream.

Oh God,
bless the restlessness of my heart, and the dancing thoughts in my mind.