Monday, June 11, 2012

a monday ramble

The weekend was fantastic...we had a record crowd for the open and affirming UCC churches in the Mass conference for the Boston Pride parade.  Very fun.  My congregation handed out rainbow bracelets that were printed with  the words "you are beloved"  and "eliot church of newton, ucc."  A big hit with everyone, and one of my congregants who was handing them out said, "I loved giving away an Eliot blessing as I handed them out."  Gotta love that.

I am going to try and use proper capitalization when I write here.  I have some  grammarians in my crowd that I am pretty sure are appalled by my incessant use of lower case letters.  My grammar in itself isn't that great!

The Children and Youth Service yesterday was the total bombe.   The children acted out the story, "In the Name of God" by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, which is a picture book that explores the many biblical names for God.  A little girl played "Let It Be" on harmonica and trombone for the offertory music.  Five of my mission trip students gave testimony on how the trip was transformative in their lives. 
The picnic afterwards was festive and laid back.  A pure bliss kind of Sunday.

One week from today I will be flying to Hawaii for vacation. Ahhhhh.

Ummm, it's hard to believe but all of my potential doors have been shut except one, which seems like a very long weird shot, and I am not sure I am even interested.     I wish I could be gracious and humble and ask God what I should be learning in all of this, but really, all I can say is, "What up, G?  What UP????"  After such a long period of time, I think this line of questioning is o.k.

I want to grow an eggplant this summer.   I never have.  I don't even really like eggplant, as far as to eat, but the vegetable as an object of beauty has few peers.   I think they are so beautiful!

My office is a total wreck.  Truly, I say unto you, a total wreck.

There is day camp at the preschool this week.  They are especially rowdy, because it isn't's pre-camp?   Those teachers should be awarded many jewels in their crowns. 

Guess that's it for a ramble for now.

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  1. Uhm...I hear you on the office/wreck....for me I often consider there to be a direct correlation between the general organization of my external environment and my interior reality - the more chaotic I feel the more chaotic my space...and sometime just organizing the exerior helps the interior. I blame it on my mother who, often, was a terrible housekeeper- also a reflection of her chaotic interior self...anyway. I often find it helps me to clean, when all else fails, clean.

    In terms of the doors - rats! But wow, I so know how you feel - have totally been there myself. Remember how long I looked to find a new call - only to end up accepting that one that I never should have accepted? And how disasterous that one was? And then had to live into 18 months of unemployment/under-employment/supply/piecemeal jobs? And now, well, ending up in a good place. But seriously, it took me five years to get here. (I SO HOPE THAT IS NOT YOUR REALITY!)....

    prayers for you continue.

    and, wow. have a good time in Hawaii!