Saturday, June 30, 2012

sum, sum, summertime!

It's hot and lazy and breezy here today....and I am *supposed* to be working on my sermon.   We got back from a fantastic and restful and wonderful vacation this past Tuesday, and my mind has been a little slow to start back up in reality.

I don't have any plans for the rest of the summer, except the last week in August, my mom will be coming for a week to visit.  I am looking forward to her being here and having a respite from caring for my stepdad.  It might be the case he could home from the nursing home before then, but it seems improbable.  If he does get better, that would be great.  I will change the ticket, and fly her way!

I've been thinking a lot about calling, and ministry, and the perennial (it seems) unknowing of what is next as far as a settled position.   It looks like there MIGHT be one challenging situation out there--a sort of turn-around church--that has resources enough for a couple of years, unless they really make a bold decision to reach out beyond their walls.   I don't know enough about this congo, and it is too soon to be interested or not until I know more.   The thought is intriguing, though, and feels risky.....and of course the thought of leaving where I am feels, well, devastating.   So, that's why I am thinking about the nature of a new way.....and the faith I have in me and in God's grace and help and guidance.   Faith and calling, and how they intertwine into one big risky unknown.

Sometimes, I wish were a librarian.  Well, no, that field has totally changed, too.  But you know what I mean, right?  

In any case, I don't have anything bright or profound to add to this's just something that is rattling about in my heart and head.

Ciao for now.

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