Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So it's September 4.
School has started, and I am hopelessly not ready for the fall.
My programming is in a bit of disarray (and that's really being generous.)
Lots of odds and ends to shape up, and
my feelings are mixed--energetic, pulled back, old hat, confident, and procrastinating.
Not sure those are feelings, but it's how I am wearing my skin today as I enter into the week.

On my printer, I have taped these words:
"God grant me the grace not to shake up the world on your behalf,
but to get the people around me to do it, too.  Amen."

Shake me up God,
so I can shake it up for you...
Shake me up, God,
so I can ignite those around me to shake up the world with me, with You,
to be excited and joyful and loving and grateful
in the ministry we do together.

Shake us up, God.


  1. I was thinking much the same. I feel unsettled and disorganized. I know for me it is because I have too much going on...and I fear that nothing will really happen well because it is too much.

    I hope the day went well for you.

  2. Love...the printer prayer. I am so using that. I should probably put it on every wall in my office.

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