Friday, April 12, 2013

wow. Friday Five Randomness!

Today, over at RevGals,  I wrote...
Can you believe it is April 12????  Have you finished your taxes?  Here in Boston, the city is abuzz with Boston Marathon anticipation.  We are finally hearing birds chirp in the morning, and even though it was in the low thirties last night, many of us are bravely sporting open-toed sandals.   None of this has anything to do Friday Five, except randomness.   So, in that spirit.......

1.  How are you doing?  What's going on in your life?
Well, the big thing is that I resigned from my position as associate pastor at a church I have served for the last six years.  I did this for a multiplicity of reasons, but I don't have a position to go to.  So, there is risk involved. 

2.  Have you ever resigned from a position?  What was the good-bye like?
Yes, all of them!  All of the good-byes, though, have been amazing, and deep and lasting.  And HARD. 

3. So, we are still resurrecting...still getting used to New Life!!  What is a source of new life for you?
I sound like a broken record, but the pottery studio on Fridays is like Sabbath to me. It renews my heart and soul and mind.  My hilarious animals.  
4.  My friend is running the marathon on Friday, because it is on her bucket list.  What is something on your bucket list? 
Truly, I want to live in Hawaii.  We have it on our life plan.  I love it there.  Other than that, I still haven't seen the  musicals Wicked or The Lion King. I was just thinking about that today. 

5.  Tell us the story of something precious you carry around with you, rests on your desk or altar. 
This could be a book.  But I will just name three.  First, I have my mother's High School ring.  I never wear it, but I love it.  Second, My stepfather's bowling team picture when they went to the American Bowling Congress Championships in St. Paul, MN in 1965!   Three, a tiny pinch pot that I made from clay from Jordan Lake in North Carolina, and fired in a wood firing in a metal trash can.  

On a final note, I am embarrassed I haven't blogged since December.   I think I have had a lot of unbloggable stuff that found its way into my journals.    I shall do better. I shall!


  1. We lived i n Hawaii my freshman year of high school. It was one of my best places to live. I've never been back. Some day.

  2. I'm sorry it has come to a place where you had to resign without another position to go too...I do hope the next place God is calling you, where ever that may be, however that may be, will be revealed to you. And mostly I hope you live with a sense of peace.

  3. oh Karla - i hope your heart is settled with the decision to resign.

    lucky latte and i would welcome you to your 'little hawaii" (aka front porch) anytime for glass of wine, or some sam adams summer lager... or some sea dog blueberry beer from maine. we're stocked up for some reason... oh yeah for porch parties!! in 3 weeks or so the porch shall be done.

    i too love hawaii... love. love. love. indeed it's good there. hold onto the dream girlfriend.

  4. thank you, friends, for affirming Hawaii, porch parties, and for your compassion re: decision. I am at peace, deep down.