Tuesday, December 1, 2009

absolutely no time...

..to try and sit still and be thoughtful right now.
I'm not harried, just have a few things to do!

Today I am thinking about...
facing a sticky situation with a space-user at work,
a planning meeting with a parioshioner,
a clergy association meeting that I forgot about,
the come-to-Jesus annual exam I had this morning that really, it is time I stop eating pizza take out four times a week cuz it is just not working out well with my cholesterol, (however, my weight has stayed stable--two pounds less than last year, even!),
and deciding how much to decorate our lovely home for Christmas.

I'm also thinking about my prayer partners--who else gets a neuro cardiologist and a financial planner for her prayer partners? How cool is that?

Lastly, am thinking about of you....just cuz!

Oh, and tile. I'm thinking about tile for the Christmas bathroom, which won't get started til January some time.

Off to the races!


  1. Beachwalking just tiled and remodeled a bathroom too....me, I'm waiting...references being checked this week, so waiting to see if I get to the next stage of the search process...perhaps one of the final stages, if I am so blessed.

    Have a good week, and even if you can't slow down, breath slow and deep.

  2. I wish it didn't have to be "the races" but every year, it is! At least we can enjoy the trip. But I do hope Advent won't just be a blur this year.

  3. I am a whole day late reading this busy schedule. Will today be any better?

  4. i hope that today is better...Zorra, AMEN!

    peace be with you all

  5. Catching up. Tile...deep shifts...centered...grounded...peace to you.