Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reading week with no reading.

So, I decided to take this week as one of my study/professional development weeks, of which I have two. My plan was to read several books, outline the upcoming women's retreat that I am leading, do some pottery, and relax.

I finished one book. Yay! I did some pottery--and will do more--yay!

But the house has been anything but relaxing as we are on the fourth week of the bathroom remodel. I get continual calls and questions--things that need to be tended to, and it's all noisy, and yes I can go to the coffee shop or something, but that isn't what I need. I need peace. Quiet. Me and doggies and kitties, you know?

Wah, wah, I know. At least I am off, and doing things I love.

Back to reading, and no more whining.


  1. frustrating when we hope for some peace and quiet and the world is anything but...sigh...still, as you say, you are off and doing things you love. That's good!

  2. I hope the bathroom remodel is on the downhill swing. Never an easy thing to live through.