Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pajama party.....

At the preschool today.
We share the same hallway and bathrooms. They are also having a Dance Party. 
Too. Cute. I might have to join them. A little bunny slippered one is peeking around the corner watching me type. Melt. My. Heart.
Commercial Break over now.

I am, for the first time in my ten years of ordained ministry,
preaching my first sermon on Easter.

I just asked SP if I could.  SP is good at that...a different generation than me, it wouldn't occur to SP to ask the AP if she would like to preach on Christmas or Easter....but when asked, has no problem with it.  I like that. I know that I am fortunate in this way--that I know how to ask for what I want, need...and that I have a colleague that respects it.

And I am so happy the text is the garden text with Mary. 

But now, I need to finishe the communion liturgy, and then I can settle in to spending time in the garden with Mary and the Gardener.

Peace to you.....


  1. I'm glad for you! We are both preaching, at the two services. Mine will have fewer people, no doubt, but I like the liturgy I prepared for it. I haven't preached John's version of the story in several years (5 or 6?), and I'm eager to do it this time.

  2. Congrats RevKarla, I got to preach it last year on Mary Magdalene, the apostle of apostles. I'm going to be preaching on John again this year with a different spin, sprinkle in some more Isaiah and add a little interim ministry from my context.

  3. Yay! Blessings on your preaching!