Tuesday, August 3, 2010

walk of shame....

...in the pharmacy, yesterday.
I am now officially labeled "high cholesterol" and must take a pill for it.

oh, I know it was inevitable. In spite of quitting pizza three months ago, and eating healthy and stuff.

it's in my genes,
both sides of my family.

but still...sigh. don't like it much!


  1. Oh Revkjarla,

    You think that's hard, try walking into a drug store to get hemorrhiod medication and buying a six pack of beer because the drug store is the only place in town that sells Sam Adams Summer Ale.

    They had to call a manager via sound system to ring up the sale because all the cashiers were under age. Now that's hard.

    (remind you of Glee) ;)

    There's no shame in bad genetics. Prayers ascending for you as you defeat the cholesteral monster.

  2. bummer! GG is right though--no shame in your genetics!

    love ya and hope the meds work wonders!

  3. Seriously, we love you, no matter what.