Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Class Reunion

Surely not.
Surely not. 
It's my 30th HIGH SCHOOL REUNION this summer.
What?  Wasn't high school just like, umm, 10 years ago? 

It's been very interesting watching the plans for this reunion unfold with the help of facebook and email.   (I should add that I have never once been to a high school class reunion.  Not that I hated high school, but I just never really wanted to spend my precious summer vacation visiting with people I haven't seen in a million, errr, 10-20-30 years...).

This weekend, the planners sent out a list of everyone in the class, and their emails/phone numbers/addresses.   Two of our class have died since 1981.  And there are a healthy handful of those whom there is no information--yet.

I trolled through the list, trying to remember the faces of the names...wondering about those whom I had no clue...thinking of them, their families, their children, their lives....all grown up now. 

30 years?


  1. Mine was a year and half ago...and I didn't go. It was in Chicago. I was still in AZ preparing for surgery....sigh. But I too looked at names and lists and only remembered a few. Now a lot on our facebook, but even still I only recall a couple. of course I only went to that high school for two years before I graduated a year early.

    Anyway, I hope you go. I hope you have fun. I hope it's a time of renewal...

  2. NO WAY! You look way too young to have been out so long--NO kidding! I'm totally serious!

    Where did you go to high school? Will it be a trek/adventure to get there? Roadside oddities to see? Anything to make it fun along the way?

  3. you graduated from high school at 8? me too! ;)