Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ranting and yelling

I have experienced some rejection this week. Some, I didn't really care about, and the other, well, put me in a tailspin. Didn't see it coming in the way that it did, although the "no news" was indeed beginning to look like bad news.

My friend, who knows and has lived this to the core, says "let go, let God". She doesn't say it glibly and it doesn't roll off her tongue...she lives it authentically.

However, last night, I just had to have it out with the Great I Am. And I did. Yes I did.
I screamed out a lot of frustrated, hurting, angry, confused words...with a whole lot of profanity laced throughout. And in a way, that was letting go....and letting God.

I am letting go of all of this to you...
And I might have some more letting go to do before I can fully rest in You...
But I will say this,
I'm glad that you welcome storming your gates...
Because there are still a few more storms in me.


  1. Authentic is the word that comes to mind. Those storms can certainly rage...within...and without.

  2. Love you, praying for you even when you're ranting.

  3. Been there. Holding you in prayer.

  4. Karla?? It's a little late, but I'm tempted to call you...maybe I'll try tomorrow - in the meantime - I hear your rant, been there myself, more than once..((Karla))

  5. and, it is not 6:25 pm, it's 8:25 my time, 9:25 yours - and I never call after 9 unless I know its ok..

  6. i'm late but thinking and sending lots of love your way.