Friday, April 1, 2011

ramblings...with a FF starter....

First, over at RevGals, Kathryn asks us to share five things that are good in life.....
1.  puppy Cooper, who turns 1 today.   (actually we made her birth date up because we don't know what her birthday is, and she is such a holy terror we thought April Fool's Day would be a good birthday.

2.  OPENING. DAY.    (Baseball, people.   Red Sox and Rangers, tonight, in Texas.)

3.  Clay.   I spent far too much time in the studio today to be legal, but it was great.  Can't wait to show you my mosaic I am working on.

4.  My Beloved.

5.  Almond milk.  

Oh....big sigh.  This week--actually the last month since the BE4 has been quite full.    I am really, really drained from everything.   SP resigning, discerning how to be in the transition, working with the Pastoral Staff Relations,  discerning some more; dismay at the termination of the staff person in our conference responsible for church vitality and evangelism.  Yes. Really.  And the defunding of the Hispanic Ministries that is so tender and growing....and it's not like it gets a whole lot of funding, anyway.    Collaborating with colleagues on how to address this injustice.....just a whole heck of a lot.   Like everyone else.   I'm not special in that way, I know.  

I have had lots and lots of opportunities to pray this month, though--in community, in meditation, in worship, with colleagues.....lots of breathing and reflection, which is appropriate in this season of Lent.

Today I decided I would like to start blogging more about my art and finding ways to deepen my experience with clay.  Right now I am working on a very whimsical level, which is fun, but I want to...make things that are pretty, too.    Intentionally.    After all these years in clay, I am just determining my style, which is interesting to me.   Chunky, bright, wonky.  

I think, that with so many others, we are all so weary of the winter, of the grey skies, the brown yards...

So my prayer is for Spring...may its tendrils begin to unfurl in my psyche and my heart and my body.



  1. I loved experiences in clay--hope you will love that--visceral, unclogging somehow.

    Almond milk I'll have to put on my list to try.

    Hope for your problems to resolve.

  2. One of the good things in my life is getting to know you! Also, a blog post that includes the words: chunky, bright and wonky. :)

  3. Holding a space for all those unknowns in your life. Waiting (patiently) to "see" the mosaic.

  4. Me too, holding a space of prayer for the unknowns in your life...and love your movement with clay!

  5. chunky, bright, wonky=beautiful! sad i missed you at B4. will keep you in my prayers as well.