Sunday, June 5, 2011

the end.

Today we had our farewell worship and liturgy for my colleague, who although not technically retiring (he is going on to do f/t interim ministry) we (the congo) treated it like a retirement, since he has been with the congo for 16 years.

The last month has been a month of lasts, for him.  I decided my role was to be Support, and to make sure every detail that perhaps a lay person hadn't thought of, would be taken care of. Our moderator, and the farewell team were phenomenal.   The whole congo was phenomenal....and worship today was beautiful.  The hymns, the music, my colleagues message, communion by intinction with chalices and patens made by our 91 year old potter (who started to learn pottery four years ago), to the farewell liturgy.   Lovely gifts....and a surprise tie dye t-shirt and pocket altar from the youth really blew him away.   I feel that it all has been healthy and lovely....and for my own closure with him..., well, we went out for bombay sapphire martinis and greek food.   YUM.  And, delightful.

So, we enter into the summer.  Next week, on Pentecost, there will be guests in worship that I know of (you know what I mean).....and then two weeks of vacation in Hawaii.  The rest of the summer I will be the pastor and head of staff (staff of two, hah!) until the interim arrives near the end of August.   I will have to visit my 'rents at some point, because their health is so, well, tentative.  

I imagine, I will have some decisions facing me.  

For now,
I am just glad,
that the farewells have been generous and thorough.  

now, a new chapter begins.



  1. Praying for you in the transition, and glad the goodbye was so lovely.

  2. xoxo back to you Songbird. Thank you.

  3. It's good to have these farewell celebrations and honor the ministry. I will hold you in praryer as you discern and also take on the HoS position. Have you talked to Katherine Godby who blogs at Authenticity? She has been leading her Congo through this time of transition and is pondering her future too...