Monday, May 23, 2011

just a prayer

a prayer.
help me listen.
help me know.
help me be honest within.

help me HEAR you speaking.
are you speaking?
are you silent?

how to proceed?
how to know?

so many questions.
so many prayers.  

know this.
I am so ready, so ready, so ready....
for movement.
so that I can settle.

you have called me to this. well, at least I think so.
no.  This I Know.

what to let go of?

why has this been so....oh, I don't know.  complicated?  
maybe I am making it complicated.  

where is the dream?

dear, dear, dear One.
lead me
guide me....
and help me to know that it is You.



  1. Praying with you, my friend.

  2. Simple words you write...but oh my...deep in thought and feeling.

    I pray them with and for you (and me)