Tuesday, September 27, 2011

almost every day

in the morning,
I take the doggies for their neighborhood walk.
As I round the final corner towards home,
kitty corner across the street,
there is a Haitian grandfather,
wirey and wizened,
sitting on his porch,
watching the traffic go by,
or maybe meditating, who am I to know.
I wave first. Always.
He waves back, and smiles.

Then, I know,
it's a good day, already.


  1. We had an interesting conversation this morning with an elderly man who said he no longer believes and asked do we still believe with over seventy years on the clock? Yes, we do. Son of a preacher man, perhaps he got too much religion as a child. Sad.

  2. Simpe is beautiful!I am listening to lunchtalk news on the radio. It's about the Greek issues. If Greece exits out of Europe, how will it effect American, European, French, German banks and of course you and me. The news steals my peace of mind.