Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Five: Seeking!

Over at Revgals, Jan posts this Friday Five:
I was struck in our weekly Lectio Divina group by a few verses from Psalm 105:3-4:

. . . let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.
Seek the Lord and his strength;
seek his presence continually.
Seeking is rejoicing. Rejoicing comes from the seeking, NOT the end of glory, heaven, enlightenment, or whatever. Seeking is the journey--RIGHT NOW!

So for this Friday Five, list what you are seeking, whether it is trivial, profound, or ordinary--whatever you would like to share! 

So, here is my play. 
1.  Professionally, I am seeking to be fully present in my current call, but also growth in that call, or wherever else the journey takes me.  Right now, this isn't fully clear.   
2.  My pottery group started back today, in an amazingly gorgeous new studio.   WOW.   My project for the semester will be ceremonial ware, so I am seeking to create 3-4 communion sets, along with baptism bowls.    I am seeking inspiration for their forms and surface design. 

3.  I am seeking a housecleaning fairy that sneaks in and scrubs my bathroom and kitchen floors.   Do you know where she or he can be found? 

4.  I am perpetually seeking the perfect pair of shoes.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, every pair seems the most perfect.  ;-)

5.  I am seeking to be more mindful in my meditation spiritual practices.   To be more intentional without being dogmatic with myself.  

That's about it!


  1. Last three were meant for me, too! House fairy would certainly be nice. . . .plus, intentionality.

  2. Those sound like great goals--none too flighty or impractical. Though I'm not saying you'd go there, that's more me...

    On the pot making front, my mom's a potter professionally and has done some communion ware--she has trouble getting the chalice to hold more than a cup (shrinkage I think) and once our pastor asked her to make one with a pouring lip--she said she would never attempt that again...she used to have a website, though any book on pottery will fill you with ideas (hers is Ochre Hills Pottery). I miss playing in artistic ways. Maybe once we are settled again.