Friday, September 25, 2009

and I am off...

to pottery class. never mind I have a sermon to write. never mind I should wait for the contractor to come. never mind I should be preparing for a couple of very big events coming very soon. never mind the house is a wreck--mostly because of said contractor. never mind I should exercise first, and then go a little late. never mind, now that I think of it, that we should have got at least one more reference for this said contractor who although, inexpensive, has kind of sort of not really done what I had in mind for him to do. never mind that Beloved and I gave him two different scenarios. we did work that out.

just never mind.
I am off.
to create.
and wow, do I need some clay-time today.



  1. Good for you.
    Glad you went and hope it was fruitful.

  2. I'm days late; how did it all turn out?