Tuesday, September 15, 2009

so, the new program year has started....

We had 30 children on Sunday. Wonderful!
This past weekend was very busy, on the ministry front. Our annual ice cream social got rained out, but we transformed the fellowship hall into a coffee shop cafe, and the band was psyched about playing on the stage. The social is a public event, and when it is outside, it is really fun--neighbors come out, we all dance under the stars and it is great. However, next year I am thinking to up the ante, since over half of the people that were there were non-church members, which is great...NONE of our church members brought/invited a guest. The whole point of doing this is not only to have a great event for the neighborhood, but for our folks to have something NON-churchy, and NORMAL to invite guests to. Plus, since we were inside this year....although many of the guests were lovely, we had a fair share of...shall I say, interesting...(o.k. yes, some were really weird) and I love that we can spend $800 bucks on an event and provide a great time...it is a lot of $$$ that could have had a little more bang for the buck.

However, it was very fun to serve leftover ice cream during fellowship hour after worship on Sunday, and let the little kids have at it with the whipped topping and sprinkles. One little guy came back three times to replenish the sprinkles on his melting mass of oreos ice cream.

This fall, due to a couple of reasons, I am teaching 6-7 grade Sunday School...which means I am only in worship for the first 15 minutes or so. I love the kids, and it is a great opportunity to be with them...plus I am only preaching TWICE this fall because we have so many guest preachers, plus me, plus a seminarian, plus sr. pastor, plus always a reader in service...so I don't get to participate much in the liturgy anyway. Still....it feels weird not to be in worship. Some mixed feelings here, as you can tell.

It is a bluer than blue stunning September afternoon in New England.

Oh, and since I am being random. I restarted Weigh Watchers this morning. True to myself, I happened upon a bag of Hershey Nuggets in my closet that I forgot about. Don't worry. I only ate the ones I liked. ;-)


  1. What are the songs you sing in your church Karla? Traditional hymns, choruses, John Bell stuff (hoorah, he's coming to Australia soon so I'll go to the Melbourne gig).I was given the book 'Sing!Prayer and Praise' Pilgrim Press 2009, for my birthday and the songs are all nearly new to me so I'm steadily going through them.