Monday, September 28, 2009

beautiful monday

day started out with...lovely walk with doggies, a little kitchen cleaning, blog reading, starting to knit socks for the first time (we will see how THAT goes)...
smiling to myself about friend's story of watching GodSpell with her two little girls...."Who is that?"
"Jesus CHRIST", says older daughter.
"How old is he?"
"ummmm, 30-ish, I think"
"But he's really hundreds and thousands of years old", says older daughter.
"Well, actually, he's 2009 years old"
"Wow! You know everything mom!"
and on and on. Great story. Hope she blogs it!

Now am going to read a book or two.
Take a nap, maybe.
Then finish a couple of pieces down in the studio.
Work on the socks a little more.
Oh, yep. And exercise. I will, will, will....

I have a zillion errands to run, but for now, will be still.

Oh, and the closet. Sigh. Not finished, not really a closet, but two holes in a wall. With some nice trim. I have to laugh at myself on that one.


  1. I hope you find knitting socks to be as much fun as I do!! and that you found time to do ALL that you hoped for on Monday.