Thursday, October 15, 2009

another work post....

My colleague, of whom I am quite fond, is part of the old school of clergy where if you need to, you work all hours of the day. self care for my colleague, is a difficult task at times, although he is pretty good about his one day off a week, except the last few weeks. I have had other colleagues like that.

In any case, he doesn't expect me to work like him--or at least I don't experience him in that way. I work very hard, but I have to say I am pretty good at self care, as far as time goes. Sometimes that feels "lazy"...but I know I am not.

This I think is a good rule of thumb for clergy: Divide the day into three parts. Morning, Afternoon, Evening. Only work two of those parts. If you end up working all three parts, then delete a part from another day. Obviously this is just a way to frame the day--sometimes I end up doing half a part here, half a part there...but the intent is just an easy way to track how one is spending time. I have one day that is Sabbath (Mondays) ...and Saturdays can be, at times, light, which I welcome. If I have used too many parts during the week, I plug the parts I owe myself into Saturday!

What about you? What do you do?

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  1. It's so funny, you had already written this in the morning and then we chatted about the same thing! I've got to be more careful about my time. Thank you for the encouragement.