Thursday, October 15, 2009

thinking about work...

Last night, in the town where my congregation resides (not me, though) there was a Mayoral Candidate Accountability Night, organized by a group that helps congregations do faith based community organizing, the clergy association, and a couple of others.
The intent of the night was to ask the two candidates for mayor for their commitment on issues that local congregations feel are tantamount to community. The issues were/are:
Recycling/environmental sustainability
Senior transportation
Youth support in education
Fair banking practises
Affordable housing
Diversity in schools.

In each of these areas, there were specific issues that candidates were asked to support, e.g. restoring a voucher program that senior citizens had so they could get a ride to worship, to doctor's appointments outside the city limits, and visit friends and family. This is a program that had been cut, quite recently.

There were 600 people in attendance, which far exceeded any expectations, and my congregation represented well. I was very proud to be in the room...

and happy to see houses of worship, Jewish and Christian, come together to reclaim a moral voice in the city and in issues facing it.

this is how we need to be church in the world, I think. I want to get more involved in faith based organizing. It can be a very powerful voice in being "good news"

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