Friday, October 9, 2009

Not because I have anything to say...

...because I don't, really. Just thought I should make an entry so I remember how to do this bloggy thing. There is the veritable unbloggable which is taking up much of my thought space these days...and I covet your prayers, and your good energy.

Besides that, life is rich. I have been focusing on that "praying without ceasing" thing, which for me, means cultivating as much awareness of God's presence in the ordinary moments of my life. I am feeling connected to God, but in a very nonattachment-buddha kind of way. I like it.

The other practise I have taken on this fall is "giving myself enough time." It has become my mantra...'give yourself time, give yourself time'--I whisper this in my head in the mornings, and when I plan my days... and I am finding that the feeling of rushing from transition to transition is almost gone, and I am finding more intention and attention to whatever I am doing. The liminal space, the inbetween time is grace and mercy to me--space to breathe, to remember, to feel.

On another completely random note: What about Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize? I find it interesting. I don't have strong feelings, yet either way--although there seem to be some that do. We had a spirited conversation at the studio today about it.

Alrighty then. Enough for now.


  1. Re: the Nobel Peace Prize - those who give it chose him, that's all that matters. They chose him.

    Re: close to God in a buddhist kind of way, delightful!

    Re: giving yourself time - and feeling more intentional - fabulous! A spiritual discipline worth developing every day....

    Good to have your voice back on the cyber-space! I've missed you.

  2. What a wonderful spiritual discipline, the gift of time.

  3. Your kindness to yourself is inspiring me. Being mindful of being kind to oneself is a spiritual discipline in itself.

    The hugs are to help you get through the unbloggable.

  4. Time is such a precious part of our lives...taking time to live to the fullest is what I hear in your post. Even in the unbloggables.