Friday, December 18, 2009

I Can't Make This Stuff Up

The Scene last night:
It is dusk. Rush hour. While walking the dogs, a stray dog is loose in the neighborhood, so I try to catch it but can't. So I go home to get the car, and drive around the neighborhood. Don't find dog, but say lots of prayers. Then, when I park, I notice that a volunteer working at the cat foster home across the street has left her lights on. Car door is locked. So. I go into house, go downstairs, and guess what? PUPPIES?! OH MY!! Totally get distracted. PUPPIES! Five little squirmy squeaking pound puppies. (Don't ask why they are with the kitty rescue organization.) Finally tear myself away from PUPPIES to get ready for a board meeting tonight. For twenty minutes I search everywhere. No Keys. No Wallet. Hmmm. Where are they? OHHHHH NOOOOO. Locked up acrosss the street with PUPPIES. I don't have key to house and volunteer gone, and homeowner not home. So, I sheepishly call the organization to let them know what happened, and I can't get there. They think I am a nutball. Which is probably true. But did I mention, PUPPIES?
Don't you think puppies and cupcakes are the best things ever?


  1. Yes puppies are irresistable - and cupcakes, if they are chocolate....are a close second! Hope you got everything back and made it to your meeting!

  2. They're both pretty sweet, and so are you.

  3. A meaningful Christmas to you amid the craziness of the season. Occasional graces happen too. Just got the brakes fixed on the old 1989 car and yesterday a boy leapt a fence, not looking, jumped right in front of us. Thank you God that the brakes were so good the car stopped instantly.

  4. Love puppies! Soooo cute! I can just imagine their squiggly goodness :)