Tuesday, December 15, 2009

shopping? pretty much done.

We are doing a pretty simple holiday this year. The bathroom remodel is postponed until January, but that really is our gift to ourselves.

We've finished with my family, all four parents, and then the the gifts in which we each draw a name. My sisters and I have been doing this since probably the day I was born and before. We include in-laws, now...but we still do it, even though sometimes I wonder why. I think it is kind of sweet--and no one has suggested to give it up. I think because we are all scattered around the country, it is one of the ways we stay connected throughout the year.

I am planning two special services right now--one is a "Blue" christmas meditation, for people who have experience loss or depression during this time...and a new Twilight Christmas Even service, for those with young children and even elders. The first time we have done it, and I guess I have pretty much free reign.

Other than that, life is getting a little bit back to normal. I took our Venus to the vet for her annual checkup--poor baby is totally blind in one eye, and has very limited vision in her other; she is stone cold deaf; her wrists and knees and back are full of arthritis...but she still demands a walk in the morning, and her appetite is stronger than ever. She is a trooper. Her heart is very strong, as well...she is on pain killers and anti inflammatories (spelling?) I just adore her. I hope she can tell us when it is all too much for her. I am not sure I will be able to tell.

I am still...in a state of flummox (not sure what the word means, but it sounds like how I feel)...and wondering. "Yet to be revealed" is the phrase in my heart. I would like it to BE REVEALED soon.

Need to get back to worship planning.

Maybe more later!

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  1. you've hinted at something going and I'm holding you in my thoughts and prayers for what ever is flummoxing you and waiting to be revealed.