Friday, December 11, 2009


I wrote a long post yesterday, and it got "signed out"

I just need some prayers. There was a challenging situation at work last week, into this week, which I had to absorb a lot of angry energy...but it's all good now...but still tired from it....

and my beloved is out of town for a funeral of her sister cousin, so that has been hard for both of us...I can't be there for her, she can't be here now...

and I got some incredibly dissappointing unbloggable news yesterday,

and I am feeling bereft, confused, really angry at God, but clinging to her because She knows me....
and I do trust...but still???

don't mean to be cryptic...
but prayers, I would completely welcome.

thanks, dear ones.


  1. of course! holding you close and praying for peace.

    find the stillness - it's there - ALWAYS.


  2. my prayers and my love you have got.

  3. a bit late but praying. loveyou.