Wednesday, September 8, 2010

feeling the love this morning....

Just a couple of thoughts swirling around my head with no point....

My congregation was very sweet this weekend--they surprised me with a tribute to my ordination anniversary...and a darling birthday card and birthday cake and present!  It was very moving and touching.  Of course I cried...and not so easy to get up and preach with sniffly nose and red eyes.  But, pulled it all together.

I had delicious pizza on Sunday night--it was a flatbread pizza with butternut squash sauce topped with blue cheese and carmelized onions.  I guess for some it wouldn't be pizza, but I loved it. 

Yesterday was a crazy kind of day.  Just lots of stuff to get done this week after procrastinating all summer. (My bad).   When I got home, I just felt anxious and restless and we tried to watch a movie but I couldn't get I crawled into bed at 8, with a book, and read a few pages, and went to sleep.   This morning, all is good.  I guess sometimes we just get like that.   Am glad that my beloved can be understanding and gentle when I get into that place, which isn't all that often.

This morning, in fact, I just feel Love. Coursing through my heart and my blood and my bones.  Love.  God-with-me Love.  And...I am grateful.
Help be be that Love today.


  1. Love all this love, and love you!

  2. so sweet of the congregation to bless you with that love. love to you from me, too! (LOL - word verification, "dork" - trying not to take it personal....LOL)

  3. wonderful surprise...and the pizza...yum yum.

  4. Nice when you have a day when love surrounds you. Here it is one day at a time as I care for my husband who was diagnosed with a heart problem a few weeks ago and we had one huge crisis a month ago. But he's still smiling and without pain and prayer surrounds our family, we know that.But our daily routines are changed as the old networks and responsibilities are let go for a while.