Friday, October 15, 2010

just more stuff...

the flag discussion went well. There were feelings about the aesthetics of the building being compromised, others thought it was so pretty, everyone believed in the message. Some people didn't even NOTICE it!!!  For some, a flag, any flag has so much power...and to hang just one, and not the UCC flag, or the state flag, or the American flag felt, well, wrong....I am not a big flag person in that way, so I just have to respect the sentiment. 
Anyway, they decided to send the issue back to the facilities commission to find a way to hang it differently so that it didn't mess up the aesthetics....maybe a flag pole or something.  Until then, it will stay where it is, and when it moves, it will be more visible.

I am so glad for this...because the current climate of homophobia has expanded, with DADT, with gay teen suicides, and abuse...I want our congregation to show that we are not only welcoming, but a safe sanctuary full of love and hope. 

This weekend (Saturday and Sunday, one night) three of us are taking some of our youth to Monhegan Island, Maine.  We will spend the night in....(Clyde? somewhere close to the dock)...and then hire the mailboat to take us over in the morning to the island to explore.  In Sunday School they have been talking about sacred places and altars and one of the teachers talked about Monhegan.  So, the kids wanted to go and see it. we go!  It will be brisk (hah, read COLD) but fun. 

So, nothing really important...just trying to write--whatever these days.
I will get back to deeper things...
Just for now, I am being present to my moment.

Holy One...
Singing in the cool wind,
Humming in the traffic out my window,
Whispering in the quiet of my office...
you are here.
Thanks be to God.


  1. Port Clyde, I think. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. The trip sounds wonderful...even if it is "brisk".

  3. love Monhegan! did you have a good time???