Monday, October 25, 2010


I will admit it.
I have completely wasted the better part of this morning of my day off.
I am feeling sluggish and uninteresting and fat (due to the fact of eating cold pizza and coffee for breakfast).  I woke up when my beloved left for work, early, and then laid in bed and watched morning t.v.--while playing with doggies, kitties, napping, reading facebook, napping, with a quick jaunt outside to get the recycling out.  Finally at 11, I forced myself fully vertical,
and upstairs to my office to repair my harp to take over to Cambridge so a grad student can play it for a few weeks.  
Instead, I sat down and started reading blogs, which is, imho, catching up with friends...
but is also fairly passive.

The past couple of weeks have been extremely full (but whose aren't, really?)...I am just kind of in that momentary sluggy spot.

So, after I post this,
I really am going to take care of that harp,


  1. Because I have a yucky cold I feel justified being slug-like today. But then I also find it hard to do much when I can't breath...hope the rest of your day went well!

  2. I am impressed...a harp!

    btw, thank you stopping by my place...your words were intuitive and so very helpful.

  3. I pretty much believe days off are for lying around unproductively....the byproduct of which is that I can never let another human being inside my house for fear of the scorn. I'm currently okay with that trade-off...