Thursday, January 6, 2011

getting stuff done. well, sort of.

receipts turned in, including plane ticket to BE 4.  done.
rest of receipts...ahhh, another day.
plans for Saturday night retreat?  done.
emails about the details?  done.
emails about other stuff?  some.
organize email inbox?  that will take...two weeks, I think. yew.  maybe tomorrow.

write sermon?   does thinking about it count?
refraining from mindless virtual window shoe shopping and book drooling?   mmmm. not so much.

work out today?  YES.
walk the dogs?  YES
clean the kitchen and make my lunch? YES
kiss the dogs?  of course!
find a flea on a dog?  yew, icky, yes.

plan women's retreat for first week in February?  again, does thinking about it count?
read my daily bible passages life-journal-one version thingy on my iphone?  not yet. 

breathe?  sort of.
renew?  trying.
discern?  listening, at least...
wondering?  all. the. time.

this is the day that God has made....I will wrap it around me and live it.
thanks be to God.

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