Saturday, January 8, 2011

a Saturday morning....

I love being the only one up and about in the house...

This happens a lot on the weekends, when my beloved takes advantage of sleeping in.  All the doggies and a couple of cats nestle in with her--it's a pile of pillows and little snores from the poodles and warm and dozy looking.

And I am upstairs in the attic, sipping coffee, working on whatever it is I am working on for Sunday. It's very settling.  It's not a different rhythmn than other mornings--I often am at my computer around this time of day.  It's the energy, I suppose.  It is grounding and lazy and productive, all at once.

We celebrated eight years together this week.  Well, I had to work, so we didn't really get to celebrate.  I got her a new computer--a Macbook Air.  So exciting even though it's not all that romantic.  However, the Apple products are so beautiful in design, I think.  Later this morning we will head to the apple store for a first lesson, since we haven't had a Mac before.  

That being said, I ought to be writing my sermon.  I just needed to write a little bit of nothing to get myself warmed up. 

Holy One...
Thank you for this morning,
for the dust of snow on the sidewalk,
the sleeping curled up beings in my home,
for love that abides,
for steaming mugs of coffee...
I pray for your heart to break into the process of my writing,
so that what I speak tomorrow might be
something of Good News
to someone who is listening


  1. amen. I trust the spirit is guiding you...enjoy!

  2. Congrats on 8 years! Love and hugs

  3. beautiful prayer! congratulations on your 8 years of sharing love and life with Beloved!