Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Seems that I know alot of people who have re-committed to their writing this year. 

I don't know if I have committed--and I don't really write, well, to be read (although I am happy all  three of you do ;-) )--I am not really trying to start a conversation or a debate...well, except maybe with myself, and God....

When I first started blogging, at EarthenSoul, I was trying to put into words the amazing experiences of God I had while creating with clay.   I was learning so much, insights abided, and I wanted to savor the thoughts. 

Now, I just try and get something out of me.  To remember that I am in conversation with God,  to know God's presence...and I get that from writing...sometimes.  I just feel like I need to check in with myself--you know?  

I don't have a lot of words these days, so it isn't easy for me to sit here and type away about not having words.  On FaceBook, it's worse--I love FaceBook---I love reading what all of my friends are doing, thinking...the wit! the pithiness! the humour! the irony!  the perfectly worded phrases!  Me? I search for something not too stupid, too revealing, something light and fun and not too self-centered.

Sometimes, I feel like I am empty headed (is that the same as an air head?)....I search in my brain for the Word, or Thought....
and all I can find or hear is that sound--
that sound of being underwater--do you know that sound? 

Maybe I am hibernating a little bit.  Tis the season, I know. 

I am wondering, though when the words will return.  How they will return. 


  1. exactly. I feel much the same way. Writing comes in fits and starts...and sometimes I say more than I think I ought too, at least as someone who is looking for a job...and then I get tired of just being neutral all the time....and then I worry that I say too much...and so the cycle goes.

    And, the work I have done recently with a professional editor points out just how badly I write...only fueling my concern about what I write/say...

    But like you I do it more so I can think "out loud" about the stuff I'm wrestling with and the God I am trying to listen too....

    I always appreciate what you write - your dogs, your pottery and clay, your prayers - they are beautiful. I'm grateful for what you offer on the prayer blog too.

  2. Your posts always feel like poems to me. I'm so glad to see them.