Sunday, April 8, 2012

alleluia, Love has risen.

The sun has awakened,
The birds are singing...m
I am sitting in the quiet of my office,
with my legs curled up on the love seat,
with a snuffling poodle on one side,
and a calico kitty resting on my arm.

They are the two eldest beings in the household.
I am glad they have chosen to be with me in the dusk of the morning.
These aged and wise creatures are my companions as I wonder about
the alleluias of this day...
As I stand looking at the empty tomb...

I long to be  as terrified and ecstatic as
Mary Magdalene, Salome, and mother Mary,
for Christ is not in the tomb,
which means
that perhaps,
Christ has risen,
what he said was true,
that Love conquers all.

I may not run from that empty tomb,
I may feel more doubt than terror,
more disbelief than ecstasy,
but I do believe
with all of my heart and soul,
that Love will rise,
that Love has risen,
and that Love will come again.